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Black clouds gather October 26, 1973

Black clouds gather

As the energy crisis deepens, the clear skies of Wyoming's Bighorn Mountains are threatened by the extraction of vast deposits of coal.

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Oil shale cost immense October 12, 1973

Oil shale cost immense

The Department of Interior is on the eve of releasing the shackles on oil shale development in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming -- but conservation organizations are worried that the cost to the environment will be too high.

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Disaster waits in the wings, but our wastefulness continues September 28, 1973

Disaster waits in the wings, but our wastefulness continues

Little known or understood by the average American is his prodigious use -- and waste -- of all forms of energy. So wasteful have Americans been that we now find ourselves on the brink of energy disaster.

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Our land is finite ... September 14, 1973

Our land is finite ...

Viewed in historical perspective, the disruption of our western landscape by second home developments may be of far greater importance than any other factor -- more even than strip mining for coal, oil shale and uranium.

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Cody: homes on the range August 31, 1973

Cody: homes on the range

For the past year and a half, development near Cody, Wyo., has been stalled while the county writes and adopts comprehensive zoning regulations. But developers have plans for turning a narrow strip of land abutting the Shoshone National Forest into recreational homes, condominiums, and golf courses.

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"Land of Bewilderment" August 17, 1973

"Land of Bewilderment"

For years, Streamboat Springs, Colo., showed the normal, orderly growth expected in a prosperous rural community that also caters to tourists. Now, a rush of growth has pushed condos up the sides of the mountains and transformed the community.

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Off the road August 03, 1973

Off the road

The users of more than five million off-road recreational vehicles (ORVs) -- motorcycles, four-wheelers, campers, and snowmobiles -- are having difficulty sharing the public lands with those who favor traditional forms of locomotion -- hikers, skiers, and showshoers.

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We're alive and well, thank you! July 06, 1973

We're alive and well, thank you!

HCN hasn't gone from rags to riches, exactly, but we are alive and well. Happily, it's a story not only of this paper but also you, our readers and stockholders.

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The crisis in energy: stampede corralled June 22, 1973

The crisis in energy: stampede corralled

The stampede into coal development in the northern Great Plains may be suddenly halted. Citizens and conservationists have filed suit to stop development until comprehensive analysis is made of the development's regional impacts.

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Popo Agie to be considered June 08, 1973

Popo Agie to be considered

A hearing slated for Lander could determine how much of the Popo Agie Primitive Area in Wyoming's Wind River Mountains will be set aside as future wilderness.

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No more trade-offs! May 25, 1973

No more trade-offs!

Some conservationists, myself included, are tired of trading off-one region for another. No longer do we believe that one area can be saved by simply sending the energy producers elsewhere. The energy producers will be back; they have to come back.

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'I'd hate to pay for another!' May 11, 1973

'I'd hate to pay for another!'

With the waters of Lake Powell now rising to within site of Rainbow Bridge, a battle is raging over whether the reservoir's waters will be allowed to encroach further upon the famous sandstone formation.

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'Landmark' case heard April 27, 1973

'Landmark' case heard

In a hearing concerning Wyoming's Teton National Forest, environmental groups argued that the U.S. Forest Service had not complied with the National Environmental Policy Act or its own regulations in awarding timbering contracts.

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The crisis in energy: confront or cooperate? April 13, 1973

The crisis in energy: confront or cooperate?

The energy industry is increasingly offering to cooperate with environmental groups and conduct joint studies of areas like the Powder River Basin, but many environmentalists are skeptical of the industry's intentions.

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Thanks! (to our dedicated readers) March 30, 1973

Thanks! (to our dedicated readers)

What has happened to High Country News this month is nothing short of miraculous: new subscribers and donations have put High Country News on strong footing.

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Optimism reigns March 16, 1973

Optimism reigns

The miracle may be happening. Reaction to our decision to cease publication was so swift and decisive that now, barring unforeseen circumstances, High Country News appears to be saved.

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Water report analyzed March 02, 1973

Water report analyzed

These comments on the National Water Commission's recent report are representative of the feelings of most Westerners who have no special interest in water development, irrigation projects, barge canals or dam building.

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The crisis in energy: strip-mining laws February 16, 1973

The crisis in energy: strip-mining laws

As Montana and Wyoming struggle to enact protective legislation in the face of ever-expanding strip mining, landowners, environmentalists and an awakening public are being pitted against the energy lobby.

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America's wilderness: a chance to decide February 02, 1973

America's wilderness: a chance to decide

The Multiple Use and Sustained Yield Act of 1960, the Wilderness Act of 1964 and a string of court cases during the past decade have laid the groundwork for preserving the West's wild lands -- but the next few years will be a critical time of decision-making.

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The crisis in energy: impact on Montana January 19, 1973

The crisis in energy: impact on Montana

Nothing in recent years has stirred the people of Montana quite so much as the problems of the energy crisis -- in particular, how the rapid build-up of industry around the state's vast coal fields will change the state's character.

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The crisis in energy: exploiting the West January 05, 1973

The crisis in energy: exploiting the West

The coming energy crunch will cause a frenzied battle over the West's coal, gas and oil in the name of sustaining America's oversized appetite for energy and economic growth.

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A look back December 22, 1972

A look back

The 1970s have been hailed as the Age of the Environment. If so, 1972 could be marked, for the most part, as one of the great steps forward: across the country, a wave of concern for all aspects of the environment has swept all ages and all segments of society.

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Disaster a matter of timing December 08, 1972

Disaster a matter of timing

Magnificent Lake Powell in southern Utah is only a scant few years old, but already two major disasters have overtaken it, and a third hangs ominously over its headwaters.

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The Shame of It! November 24, 1972

The Shame of It!

The dead eagles of Wyoming still wait for justice to be done.

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Oil shale development: A Colorado perspective November 10, 1972

Oil shale development: A Colorado perspective

The first in a multi-article series on what oil shale is an what it portends for the West, exploring the methods of recovery, the extent and location of the resource, the role of the federal government, and more.

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