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The Other Bakken Boom April 16, 2012

The Other Bakken Boom

North Dakota's Three Affiliated Tribes are struggling with living in the heart of the Bakken Formation, North Dakota’s gigantic oil play; an "all of the above" renewable bill; extreme cartography; how Peter Gleick's fall hurts California water policy, and more.

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Water Warrior March 19, 2012

Water Warrior

Bob Rawlings, publisher of the Pueblo Chieftain, has battled for decades to bring water to southeastern Colorado and, once it's there, to keep it no matter what. Also, sodbusting farmers plow up the Northern Plains prairie, saving a rare Oregon ponderosa pine, healing art on the Navajo Nation, finding the Old Spanish Trail, and more.

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The Zombies of Teton County March 05, 2012

The Zombies of Teton County

Dead and half-dead subdivisions plague the West, especially in Teton County, Idaho, where locals are trying to deal with the unforeseen impacts of the real estate bust.

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How Arizona's culture helped shape the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords February 20, 2012

How Arizona's culture helped shape the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords

If you want to understand why Jared Lee Loughner shot Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and 18 others at a Tucson Safeway in 2011, look to Arizona’s soulless culture and vitriolic politics. Also, ground truthing Obama's praise of natural gas, ecosystem services of water-cleaning forests, an environmental warrior still going strong at 95, and more.

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Can evolution help snowshoe hares adapt to climate change? February 06, 2012

Can evolution help snowshoe hares adapt to climate change?

Wildlife biologists study the seasonal coat changes of snowshoe hares for clues about how wild animals may evolve in response to climate change. Also, local planning gets challenged as a U.N. conspiracy theory, the politics of choosing judges, and a Wyoming naturalist seeks Sasquatch.

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Billboard corporations use money and influence to override your vote January 23, 2012

Billboard corporations use money and influence to override your vote

In Salt Lake City and other Western communities, billboard companies battle local democracy. Also in this issue: Buying out grazing permits to solve public lands conflicts, mom-and-pop energy companies risk a lot to find new reserves, A lawsuit raises questions about how far environmentalists should go to keep wilderness 'untrammeled.', and much more.

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Perilous Passages December 26, 2011

Perilous Passages

Along the 120-mile-long "Path of the Pronghorn," migrating animals cross rivers, dodge traffic, battle blizzards and navigate the infrastructure of Wyoming energy development.

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Out on a limb December 12, 2011

Out on a limb

As whitebark pines in the Northern Rockies succumb to pine beetles and blister rust, hardworking climbers defy gravity to collect pine cones from canopies to supply efforts to breed more resilient and resistant trees.

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Growing a Revolution November 28, 2011

Growing a Revolution

Viva Farms is a "farm incubator" in Washington's Skagit Valley, helping aspiring cash-poor farmers like Nelida Martinez start and successfully operate their own businesses.

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Possessing the Wild November 14, 2011

Possessing the Wild

Captive wolves and wolf-dog hybrids are kept all over the West for various purposes, often in poorly regulated facilities.

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Omens from a Vanished Sea October 31, 2011

Omens from a Vanished Sea

In Utah, scientists are exploring the site of a long-vanished inland sea called Lake Bonneville to understand the West's past - and future - climate.

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A Burning  Problem October 17, 2011

A Burning Problem

Why good policy and good intentions won’t stop big, destructive fires.

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Redemption September 19, 2011


Reclamation, removal, and recovery

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For the love of hummers September 05, 2011

For the love of hummers

The dedicated volunteers of the Hummingbird Monitoring Network serve as citizen scientists, gathering field data on the birds they love.

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Looking for Balance in Navajoland August 22, 2011

Looking for Balance in Navajoland

The West’s largest tribe works to reform its government.

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Ganjanomics August 08, 2011


The marijuana growers of California's notorious "Emerald Triangle" wrestle with bringing their shadow economy into the light of day.

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The Global West July 25, 2011

The Global West

China's insatiable energy appetite is fueling a natural resource boom in the West.

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Hydrofracked? June 27, 2011


A Wyoming farmer battles industry and bureaucracy trying to find out whether hydraulic fracturing - used in natural gas drilling - polluted his drinking water.

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Under the Flight Path June 13, 2011

Under the Flight Path

An air-tour businessman and Italian developers become deeply enmeshed in the politics of tiny Tusayan, Ariz., part of a plan to profit from the nearby Grand Canyon.

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Wolf Whiplash May 30, 2011

Wolf Whiplash

A strategic miscalculation by environmental groups helped spur the delisting of gray wolves in Montana and Idaho.

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Ripple Effects May 16, 2011

Ripple Effects

On Fort Berthold: Three tribes, a dam, and a diabetes epidemic. | On the Klamath: A settlment to restore rivers and tribes.

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The Westerner in D.C May 02, 2011

The Westerner in D.C

Debbie Sease has spent three decades on Capitol Hill, fighting for the West.

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Muddy Waters April 18, 2011

Muddy Waters

A float down the Lower San Juan teaches surprising lessons about dams, water and silt in the West.

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Big Beef March 21, 2011

Big Beef

Ranchers battle gigantic meatpackers to get a fair price for cattle in a changing economy.

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High Tension March 07, 2011

High Tension

Republicans, Tea Partiers and environmentalists unite against power transmission lines planned for Montana.

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