The houses that HUD built

  On the Tulalip Indian Reservation in Washington state, taxpayers' money administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development built a 5,300-square-foot home for a couple making $92,000 a year. That mansion soon became a symbol of excess for a five-part Seattle Times series in December documenting tribal housing scandals. Because of deregulation of tribal housing offices, HUD officials were basically "asleep at the switch" while corrupt tribal leaders from more than a dozen tribes built luxury homes for themselves, their relatives and their friends, concludes the Times. Meanwhile, nearly 100,000 Native Americans live in substandard housing. The articles provoked a swift response. Then-HUD director Henry Cisneros ordered an internal investigation and at least three tribal housing leaders have since lost their jobs.

Reprints of the series, Tribal Housing - From Deregulation to Disgrace, are available for $2 from Tribal Housing Reprints, Box 1926, Seattle, WA 98111. All the stories are available for free on the World Wide Web, http://www.seattletimes.