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High Country News June 27, 1994


Home, home on the range ... where neo-Nazis and skinheads roam

Montana Human Rights Network and attorney general's office fight against increasing influence and influx of radical right hate groups.

Dear Friends

Dear Friends

Skipped issue, Pun-ishing address change, Visitors, Transitions, Corrections, Summer interns.


Coming up dry

Environmentalists are infuriated by U.S. Fish and Wildlife's statement it can't protect bull trout for lack of money.

Navajo-Hopi land compromise is near

Navajo and Hopi tribes may reach a compromise in battle over rights to desert lands.

Mount Graham fight continues

Environmentalists and Apaches fight University of Arizona over site for Mount Graham telescope.

Lepidopterist poaching ring netted

Endangered butterfly poachers caught and face trial in October.

Elk ranchers escape from Colorado's Division of Wildlife

Colorado Division of Wildlife says new law won't provide adequate protection against cross-breeding between domesticated and wild elk herds.

The West's grazing war grinds on

Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt's grazing reform compromise opposed by ranchers all over the West; but Babbitt, with some Congressional and gubernatorial support, may stand firm.

BLM reversed on grazing permit transfer

In Oregon, 500,000 acres of public grazing land in limbo after Department of Interior Board of Land Appeals overturns BLM decision to transfer permits to new MC Ranch owners.

Here come Rainbows

Big Piney residents calm about Rainbow influx.

In Wyoming, wildlife is public

Wild animals on private propterty not owned by landowners, judge affirms.

Return of the rustlers

Cattle rustling apparently on the increase, Wyoming State Livestock Board says.

Outdoor groups fight camping limits

Outdoor schools fight Canyonlands use-limits proposal.

Cougars and caribou

Cougars identified as major factor in endangered caribou deaths.

Decision kills a dam

Supreme Court ruling on water quantity nixes dams, but may help steelhead trout and salmon.

Tourists and tailings in Utah

Blanding, Utah, government wants no bypass of their town in transporting of radioactive uranium tailings by Department of Energy.

Fear of research

Forest Service caves in to loggers protesting University of Washington study of old growth canopy.

Debt for nature swap

Conservationists try to save old-growth redwood grove by having government take it for Maxxam's savings and loan debt.

So much for badges

Department of Energy says measurement of radiation to workers was faulty.


Utah and the Ute Tribe are at war

Distrust from past betrayals makes Utes stall Utah on Central Utah Project.

A life to fry for: hot on the trail of bighorn

Charles Bowden tracks wild sheep in the desert heat. Excerpted from Gary Paul Nabhan's anthology, Counting Sheep.

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Montana organizes to fight the hate groups

Montana organizes to fight influx of hate groups.

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