Getting wired in the Northwest

  Northwest environmentalists eager to bust out of their Luddite stereotype now have a resource. It's called ONE/Northwest, and it was recently formed to bring activists in the region up to speed on the internet and other electronic media. The nonprofit is working with the Oregon Conservation Network, a loose alliance of 70 environmental groups, to teach environmentalists how to save money and save time by using e-mail and the World Wide Web, rather than the more traditional and costly phone trees and mail alerts. "Training on how to use the available technology will be provided and in some cases equipment and software will be given to groups that need them," says Steve Albertson, director of ONE/Northwest. "I think people in the environmental community have recognized the possibilities of the Internet," adds Sally Cross, political director for the Oregon Natural Resources Council, "but compared to people in the high tech world we are miles behind." Contact ONE/Northwest at 1601 2nd Ave., Suite 605, Seattle, WA 98101 (206/448-1008); e-mail; internet