Un unfair rap

  Dear HCN,

The issue on outdoor education (HCN, 6/10/96) was excellent. I was delighted to see our photo and the quality of the entire issue. Then I read the blurb about Deer Hill.

Deer Hill does not "yank bored teenagers out of suburban high schools and drop them on the Colorado plateau." What a message to give a reader about our school! We are a very small company and can't afford the national exposure which larger companies can, (so) participants track us down because of our combination of wilderness and service in the Southwest.

Your blurb also said, "Deer Hill's awakenings require a healthy bank account." Do you have it in for Deer Hill? I don't see any such remarks for any of the other $100- to $150-per-day programs. Deer Hill, in its own small way, helps people become healthier young adults who respect themselves and life on the planet more after our program.

Doug Capelin

Mancos, Colorado

Doug and his wife, Beverly, are co-directors of Deer Hill.

Elizabeth Manning responds:

While the information was correct in the blurb about Deer Hill, the tone was dead wrong. The directory was an odd bird for us - it was almost like free advertising copy - and the result was inconsistent characterization. We apologize.