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High Country News November 29, 1993

Butte, Montana, seeks a new life


Butte, Montana, seeks a new life

Butte wants to transform its Superfund mine cleanup into a tourist attraction.

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Grand Central Canyon

The National Park Service weighs the benefits of four management plans limiting numbers within Grand Canyon National Park.

How the auto and airplane teamed up to destroy the Grand Canyon

Bruce Babbitt's plan to alleviate overcrowding at Grand Canyon involves eliminating cars, planes and Tusayan, Ariz.


California developer gets warm Colorado welcome

A California developer proposes a huge resort development in North Park, Colo.

Epidemic isn't over

Hantavirus is still a potent epidemic in many western states.

Some in West want Bruce Babbitt's head

A group of ranchers calls for Bruce Babbitt's resignation, charging misconduct and dirty politics.

Human activity must yield to bears

The Forest Service changes reduces logging and roadbuilding in Flathead National Forest and Glacier National Park in order to protect grizzly habitat.

Babbitt seeks local approach to grazing reform

A group of Colorado ranchers and environmentalists tell Bruce Babbitt they can solve grazing reform gridlock.

Golden opportunity splits rural town

The possible construction of the Crown Jewel mine divides a community in Okanogan County, Wash.

Hail to the chief

Wildlife biologist Jack Ward Thomas is appointed as the new chief of the Forest Service.

Wyoming ranch changes hands

Ownership of the Red Canyon Ranch in Wyoming will be transferred to The Nature Conservancy.

Defunct refinery fouls Wyoming river

The Sierra Club charges that a Texaco oil refinery is polluting the North Platte River in Wyoming.

Utah fights Umetco

Utahns urge Colorado Gov. Romer not to allow Umetco to dump radioactive waste at Uravan, Colo.

Washington author freed from jail

Author Rik Scarce is released from jail after refusing to talk to a judge about the Animal Liberation Front's involvement in vandalism at Washington State University.

Begging for windmills

Public Service Company of Colorado is asking its customers to pay an additional fee to research renewable energy sources.

Once more, for the sturgeon

Operators at Montana's Libby Dam will again try to keep the Kootenai River white sturgeon off the endangered species list.

Ski resort slides into financial pit

The U.S. Forest Service cancells a special-use permit for the Valbois ski resort in Idaho.

Book Reviews

A silver lining

University of Montana economist Thomas Michael Power says the mining reform bill proposed by Rep. Nick Rahall will help the West economically.

Conservation for kids

'Falcon Magazine' helps children learn about wildlife and natural resource issues.

Goldfield Stories

'Goldfield: The last Gold Rush on the Western Frontier' by Sally Zanjani showcases a boomtown with a thousand stories.

Great Bear Gathering

The Great Bear Foundation will hold its annual membership meeting at the Mountaineer's Club in Seattle.

Group fights animus to Animas

The Friends of the Animas River seek Wild and Scenic River designation.

It is not in your mind

An LA Times article, "Psyched Out', suggests that activism has therapeutic benefits.

Living with cougars

The Colorado Division of Wildlife's brochure, "Living with Wildlife in Lion Country,' answers questions about cougars.


The Xerces Society wages the battle for biological diversity by acting as an advocate for invertebrate populations.

Wild in Montana

The Montana Wilderness Association holds its 35th annual convention in Helena.

All about pesticides

The Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticide Reform publishes the "Journal of Pesticide Reform'.

Save the salmon

Idaho Governor Cecil Andrus publishes a brochure, "Snake River Salmon: National treasure at risk of extinction.'

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Seeking Treasure in Butte's trash

Metanetix, Mycotech and other companies see opportunity in cleaning up Butte's Superfund site.

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