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High Country News November 15, 1993

The decline and fall of salmon


The decline and fall of salmon

Logging, hydropower and fishing contribute to the decline of salmon in Oregon waters.

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Clinton's forest plan draws 83,000 responses

Clinton's Option 9 forest plan draws fire from all sides after the April Forest Summit.

Don't drink the water

The Central Arizona Project experiences more glitches in Tucson.

I'll take that

A hunter abandons a bull elk after a grizzly arrives on the scene.

Miners drop 490,000 claims to avoid fees

A mining reform implemented by Congress and enforced by the BLM causes miners to abandon 50 percent of their claims.

The return of the Cheyenne skulls brings a bloody Western story to a close

The return of Cheyenne skeletal remains recalls their 1879 massacre.

Two "miners" may be seeking to shaft into U.S. Treasury

Two Oregon miners may have staked a claim to pressure the feds to buy them out.

Did Grizzlies fleece rancher?

Wyoming rancher blames a grizzly for his loss of over 200 sheep.

Robertson out, Unger in, Thomas in limbo

Clinton selects replacements for the Chief and Associate Chief of the Forest Service.

Wilderness is ransomed

Forester Elizabeth Estill approves a controversial land trade that gives Tom Chapman 107 acres near Telluride in exchange for his 240-acre inholding in the West Elk Wilderness.

Methadone helped kill Leroy Jackson

An autopsy reveals traces of methadone in Navajo activist Leroy Jackson's blood.

Recall defeated in Utah

Members of the Grand County Council beat back a recall vote, despite a well-financed campaign.

Senate dukes it out with Babbitt

Western senators and ranchers are trying to kill Babbitt's grazing reform package.

A Cherokee charade

Harley "Swift Deer" Reagan's Cherokee spiritual and sexual techniques are labeled counterfeit by the Cherokee Nation.

Death in Grand Canyon

Three people fall to their deaths in a four-day period at the Grand Canyon.

Interior settles refuge lawsuit

The Interior Department says it will stop grazing, motorboating and other secondary uses on the nation's wildlife refuges.

A timely solution for the Hells Canyon river war

The Forest Service proposes a plan to appease jet-boaters and other river users in Hells Canyon National Recreation Area.

More talk about wolves

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service extends its deadline for public comment on the wolf restoration project in Yellowstone.

Office bombed in Nevada

A bomb explodes at the Bureau of Land Management office in Reno.

Related Stories

Western governers want help

Governors from Idaho, Washington, California and Oregon ask the President to design a strategy to restore declining salmon runs.

Groups blast recovery plan for four salmon runs

A Snake River Chinook Recovery Team plan to truck salmon downstream does more to protect hydropower than fish, critics say.

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