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High Country News October 18, 1993

A lost land grant: Can it be reclaimed?


A lost land grant: Can it be reclaimed?

A community mobilizes to regain a lost Mexican land grant.

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Uncommon Westerners

'Seldom Seen Smith' mourns a lost canyon and dead foes

Ken Sleight, an old guard environmentalist and the man behind Edward Abbey's Monkey Wrench Gang character, is profiled by Vaughn Roche.


A job for a feminist

Tara O'Toole is confirmed as assistant secretary for environment, health and safety after being blackballed by Sen. Malcolm Wallop as a radical.

Where the buffalo ..moan on the Plains of Wyoming

New York sculptor Robert Berks wants to build 1,000 bronze bison on the Beaver Rim "Area of Critical Environmental Concern' in Wyoming.

Colorado old growth saved

The Forest Service spares a stand of Colorado old-growth slated for cutting after pleas from environmentalists.

Lovesick and lost

An elk wanders into a canal and is rescued by state game officials.

New policy for old growth

The Forest Service screening of sales of old-growth timber east of the Cascades draws protest from loggers.

Ranchers block public land in Wyoming

Ranchers block hunter access to a federal grazing allotment in Wyoming despite a BLM mandate.

Showdown on the range

Legislators will decide the fate of Bruce Babbitt's Rangeland Reform "94 package.

Agency leans toward a controversial land trade

Developer Tom Chapman strikes a deal with the Forest Service on a controversial land swap.

Battle for wilderness takes a break

Earth First! and other environmental groups claim victory after preventing logging and slowing Forest Service road building efforts in the Cove-Mallard timber sale area.

Hunter finds Trouble and kills her

Trouble, the grizzly that escaped from a wildlife refuge, is shot and killed by hunter Timothy O'Leary.

The cost of being lost

The Park Service approves a pilot project requiring mountaineers to pay for their own rescue.

Victory for raptors

President Clinton signs the Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area into law.

Down the tube

The Idaho National Engineering Laboratory is developing a tube for young fish to help them swim through dams.

Idaho Gov. Andrus takes on eight dams

Idaho Governor Cecil Andrus sues federal agencies in an attempt to save endangered salmon on the Snake and Columbia rivers.

Lost money in Utah

The BLM comes under fire from the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance for misplacing $1.2 million in grazing fees.

Navajo anti-logging activist found dead

Leroy Jackson, a Navajo environmentalist and anti-logging activist, is found dead under suspicious circumstances.

Watchers at Glacier National Park

Photos of the watchers and watchees in Glacier National Park

Book Reviews

The future of America's rivers

American Rivers will hold a party and conference to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the National Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.

A Colorado almanac

The San Juan Almanac, a new quarterly, addresses land issues around Durango, Colo.

For green beat writers

The Society of Environmental Journalists and Investigative Reporters and Editors host two conferences for writers on the environment.

Las Vegas mountain mecca

The Spring Mountains Association gains National Recreation Area status for the Spring Mountains, an area within Toiyabe National Forest.

Living history

The Arizona Humanities Council hosts "The Second Opening of the West: Ideas of Nature in Arizona.'

Mining reform continued

Miners and environmentalists search for common ground in the 1872 Mining Law reform struggle at a forum in Reno.

NARF at 23

The Native American Rights Fund publishes its annual report on its efforts to protect Native American religion and sacred lands.

Solitude as an alternative

Fifteen environmental groups offer the "Solitude Alternatives": a plan to protect Hells Canyon from grazing and jet-boating.


Home Improvement

Homeowner tells his tale of woe when trying to upgrade his furnace efficiency.

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