Jackalopes in Japan

  Two antlered rabbits recently made their way to Osaka, Japan, from the world capital of the jackalope, Douglas, Wyo. Japanese customs officials found the man-made novelties while searching the luggage of Douglas, Wyo., trade delegate, John Blair. Unable to understand the animals' identity, officials began to look for jackalope on a list of endangered species. No funny bunny there, but officials did dig up literature explaining the Western legend. The rabbit-antelope hybrid is supposed to attain speeds of 90 mph and sing or mate during thunderstorms. Blair and three other Wyoming trade delegates had planned to present jackalopes to the mayor, who upon hearing of the confusion, sent a limousine to deliver the delegation to city hall. Douglas resident Tim Stamp reported that Japanese officials were "very diplomatic and solemn until they wanted to see the "rabbit with horns." "