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High Country News September 06, 1993

On their own: Eagles make a comeback


On their own: Eagles make a comeback

Bald eagles are making a comeback after near extinction due to the pesticide DDT.

Bald eaglets in Arizona have guardian angels

State biologists and bureaus are finding new ways to protect young eagles.

Guns, theft still kill eagles

Native Americans as well as gun buffs and foreign groups are responsible for killing and selling bald eagles.

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Babbit is no Stegner or Abbey

An essay on whether or not Babbitt is helping the environment at the Interior Department.

Forest Service: Villain and scapegoat

Essay: The Forest Service is divided into old guard and new.


Hot sludge

Los Alamos National Lab workers find radioactive waste in a church septic tank.

Lawsuit in sheep's clothing?

Wise Use Attorney Karen Budd wants to give land-owning hunters more rights in Wyoming.

Support drops for Clinton's timber plan

Alexander Cockburn's article in "The Nation' harshly criticizes Clinton's forest plan and the Sierra Club for going along with it.

Vandals hack petroglyphs

Vandals destroy three petroglyphs at Wupatki National Monument in Arizona.

Walking to the Wheel

A Forest Service management plan for a Native American ceremonial ground seems to be working.

Game warden stays

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service game warden Joel Scrafford is saved from a transfer by the nomination of Mollie Beatty.

Moving up at the BLM

Jim Baca appoints an African American woman, Denise Meridith, as his second-in-command at the BLM.

Poacher shoots elk, video and himself

A nationally known archer pleads guilty to killing protected elk in Yellowstone National Park.

Too many tourists

Tourism is crowding Utah's parks.

Black bear kills logger

A black bear kills a logger near Cotopaxi, Colorado.

New mine disaster looms over Colorado

The Forest Service says the former Mid-Continent coal mine site in Colorado could be difficult to reclaim.

Mescaleros pursue nuclear storage

The Mescalero tribe in New Mexico has applied for $2.8 million to study the effects of a possible nuclear waste repository on their reservation.

Voices from the grave

Ranchers protest the proposed grazing fee hike at a People For the West! rally in New Mexico.

Book Reviews

American declared war on ... Utah

'American Ground Zero: The Secret Nuclear War' by Carole Gallagher shows the victims' side of nuclear testing.

Downsizing defense

The Department of Energy sets scoping meetings on downsizing its nuclear weapons complex.

Anti-cow conclave

The Public Lands Network will host a conference titled "National Public Lands Grazing Abuse.'

Bringing back the bogs

A conference to discuss the protection and restoration of Colorado riparian areas takes place in Boulder.

Denver vs. the Western Slope

Club 20 conference will explore rural Colorado's stormy relationship with the powers in Denver.

Designing a new west

Conference in Estes Park, Colo., focuses on economic development, land-use planning and sustainability.

Dispatches from the front

The Rocky Mountain Front Advisory Council publishes "HomeFront', a new newsletter about the frontrange of the Rockies.

Does the Media Get It?

Northwest Media and Environment conference is planned to help the media get a better understanding of the Northwest.

Getting rich quickly

A conference on resort development features experts from Vail, Aspen, Whistler, Banff and Orlando.

Montana center celebrates 20

David Brower and Denis Hayes will help the Montana Environmental Information Center celebrate its 20th anniversary.

Wetlands workshop

The Thorne Ecological Institute and Environmental Protection Agency host a conference on wetlands management.

American Ground Zero: The Secret Nuclear War

Book excerpts from "American Ground Zero: The Secret Nuclear War' by Carole Gallagher.

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