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High Country News August 23, 1993

Timber theft: Logging firms rob a lax agency


Logging firms rob a lax agency

Forest Service practices permit logging fraud by the Columbia River Scaling and Grading Bureau.

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In the New West, herds of cattle are being replaced by hordes of tourists

An essay about changes in Moab, Utah, describes how tourism affects the town.

Free the paper pushers!

Park Service seasonal tries to cut the bureaucracy from his job.

Convenience is making life unlivable

A new City Market could change Ridgway, Colo.

The New Okies head east and north

A former Los Angeles resident offers instructions on leaving L.A.


Roads are lethal for bears

A coalition of environmental groups say roads kill grizzlies in Yellowstone.

Vandal adds a drawing

A controversial road gives vandals access to petroglyphs in Hells Canyon.

Babbitt unveils new grazing proposal

Babbitt's grazing reform plans will be implemented slowly.

Wildlife officer says he is a victim of politics

Game Warden Joel Scrafford resigns in opposition to a forced transfer from his Montana and Wyoming territory.

A go-ahead for some logging

The Natural Resources Defense Council says it will not object as timber sales resume in the east Cascades.

Climbers bedevil tower

Climbers are leaving their marks on Devil's Tower.

Dying to spawn

Cui-ui die in antiquated fishways in Pyramid Lake, Nevada.

North Dakota wilderness plan draws fire

A proposal designating 191,000 acres as North Dakota's first state wilderness is under attack.

Does Windstar have a future or only a past?

The National Wildlife Federation draws fire for the mis-management of Colorado's Windstar Foundation.

Indians and environmentalists protest a Montana gold mine

Native Americans and environmentalists from the Mineral Policy Center and the Montana Environmental Information Center protest the expansion of the Pegasus gold mine.

Earth First! logging protest evokes hostility in Idaho

Locals are wary of Earth First!ers in Idaho logging communities.

Book Reviews

Combat Zones

'Combat Zoning: Military Land-Use Planning in Nevada' by David Loomis, is reviewed.

Culture in crisis

A critical review of the ranching film "Western Ranching: Culture in Crisis.'

Fat tires

The second annual Fat Tire mountainbiking festival is held in Socorro, N.M.

Indian law clinic

The Indian Law Clinic at the University of Colorado specializes in Native American Law.

Moving beyond stalemate

A report by the Northwest Policy center explores moving past the economy vs. the environment stalemate.

Public lands of the future

The free market's role in ecosystem management will be be discussed at a conference Natural Resources Law Center in Boulder, Colo.

The American lion

'Cougar: The American Lion' by Kevin Hansen exposes the habits of the elusive predator.

Brazil of the north

Canada's Future Forest Alliance says Canada's forests are threatened by logging interests.

Cracking the WIPP

A watchdog group says WIPP fails to meet DOE safety standards.

Crockpot pork and dock

'Gathering and Cooking Wild Plants of the Great Plains' by Kay Young examines the world of wild edibles.

From flakes to chips

The Colorado Archaeological Society sponsors an archaeology conference.

Green directory

EcoNet publishes a directory of groups working on environment.

Let the public through

An upcoming vote on a Salt Lake County ordinance could help ensure access to public lands.

New role for land grants

A conference on the role of Land-Grant universities is sponsored by Utah State University.

Overlooking overgrazing

BLM employees submit a report charging their agency with rangeland degradation.

Prairie birds take a nosedive

The Great Plains bird populations are declining.

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How to steal a tree

Trees can be stolen many ways.

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