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High Country News August 09, 1993

Now dust is his crop, says Nevada rancher


Now dust is his crop, says Nevada rancher

Groundwater pumping dries Milt Thompson's Diamond Valley Ranch.

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Uncommon Westerners

Can Dan Beard reclaim Reclamation?

A profile of Dan Beard, head of Bureau of Reclamation, shows his role within the Department of the Interior.


A bird, a plane, no, a missile

Rep. Karen Shepherd spearheads resistance to missile flyovers in Utah.

At Utah's Bonneville Salt Flats it's a race for brine

The Bureau of Land Management agrees to add salt to Bonneville's receding Salt Flats.

Gold company stymied in Montana's Sweet Grass Hills

The BLM refuses permission to explore gold-mining claims in the Sweet Grass hills.

Shooting in the West

BLM Director Jim Baca proposes new regulations for filming on public lands.

The last sockeye?

Only three sockeye salmon return to spawn at Redfish Lake.

Biowarfare is back

The army resumes chemical weapons testing at the Dugway Proving Ground.

Wilderness bill for Colorado advances

The Colorado House approves legislation proposing 711,170 new acres of wilderness.

Grazers and greenies agree on reforms

The High Country Citizens' Alliance and the Gunnison County Stockgrowers work together on a grazing proposal.

More questions for Packwood

The Oregon Bar Association considers sanctions over harrassment charges against Packwood.

A $100,000 tortoise

The Silver State Leasing Co. receives $100,000 fine for killing a desert tortoise during construction near Las Vegas.

Arson feared this summer

Arson could create fire-fighting and salvage timber jobs in Willamette National Forest.

Still looking for Trouble

'Trouble' the grizzly bear is still on the run.

The toner connection

Arizona Senator DeConcini is accused of doing favors for a recycled toner business.

The coyote and the mouse

A rodent expert says that predators could help control hantavirus-spreading deer mice.

Woman arrested for sitting in tree

An Ancient Forest Rescue protester is arrested for blocking a timber sale by sitting in a tree.

Indians ask Congress for a First Amendment

Indian sacred sites are vulnerable to mining because the American Indian Religious Freedom Act has no teeth.

Nuclear industry rolls snake eyes in Nevada

The Nevada Legislature refuses the temptation of millions in federal funds by opposing the nuclear waste dump at Yucca Mt.

Book Reviews

Does the ski industry pay enough?

A GAO report shows ski industry payments for use of public lands.

Future Forests

'Creating a Forestry for the 21st Century' brings forestry experts together in Portland, Ore.

Mining Pollution Solutions

International mining pollution prevention conference in Snowmass.

New Redeye Proposed

The Colorado Air National Guard offers a revised plan for F-16 pilots at Redeye.

Trust in the Land

A Land Trust Alliance rally is held in Big Sky, Mont.

Wake up, Christians

'It's Not Easy Being Green' newsletter is a wake-up call for Christian environmentalists.

White sturgeon needs help

White Sturgeon may be designated as an endangered species.


Second Skin

Lizard skin leads the author to musings on nature.

Close encounters with coyotes

The writer relates her experience watching coyotes.

Related Stories

Rancher joins coalition to fight "water grabs'

A wary rancher joins an environmental group after groundwater pumping dries his ranch.

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