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High Country News May 03, 1993

Now that Denver has abdicated ... who will coordinate and inspire the West?


Now that Denver has abdicated... Who will coordinate and inspire the West?

A history of Denver's economic development and rise to prominence as a western city.

Who will coordinate and inspire the West?

An introduction to Ed Quillen's lead article on Denver.

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Uncommon Westerners

A tribute to the man who imagined the West we now seek to build

A writer reflects on the life and death of Wallace Stegner.


Don't breathe the carpet

A lab's tests show that carpet samples are hazardous to mice.

Forest team is hard at work

The Clinton "dream team' prepares for the Forest Summit.

Hurry-up predator control

The Wyoming BLM bucks the ban on killing predators.

A big gold mine wants to get bigger

The Pegasus gold mine plans expansion amid Assiniboine and Gros Ventre tribes' accusations of pollution.

Soon, a Stegner chair

A Stegner endowment will be established soon at Montana State University.

Three more at Interior

Clinton nominates Brooks B. Yeager, Thomas B. Williams and Kevin J. Sweeney to the Interior Department.

Disastrous deluge

A flood sweeps mine tailings into Arizona's Gila River.

Game farmers corralled

Washington game farmers sue the state Department of Wildlife for restricting game farming.

Medicine Wheel remains unprotected

The Medicine Wheel National Historic Landmark suffers from too many tourists.

Utah lawmakers enact wise-use agenda

Utah's legislature passes several wise-use laws.

Is Babbitt for Badger?

Babbitt will review an oil-drilling proposal near Glacier National Park.

Related Stories

How Midwesterners gobbled up Colorado's banks

Many of Denver's banks are owned by out-of-state chains.

In case you are not sated, here is a reading list

Ed Quillen recommends reading on the history of the development of Denver.

How John Evans helped build a Rocky Mountain empire centered on Denver

A history of Denver and John Evans: early investor, doctor and developer.

Simplot and Coors: Westerners to their cores

A comparison of three businesses in the West: Coors, Exxon and Simplot.

How a governor tried to tame the boom-bust cycle

How Governor Dick Lamm tried to conserve Colorado's natural resources from 1975 to 1987.

Denver International Airport: A monument to the S&L scandal

A history of 19th-century entrepreneurs in Denver.

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