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High Country News March 08, 1993

A famous skeleton returns to the earth


A famous skeleton returns to the earth

A paleoIndian skeleton is reburied in Idaho.

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How two logging towns were lost

An essay on growing up in Hilt, Calif., and Happy Camp, Calif.

The rooted meet the transient at Taos Pueblo

An insect infestation in Taos Pueblo runs its course.


Las Vegas moves on western Colorado's water

An interstate water leasing plan proposal threatens agriculture on Colorado's Western Slope.

The military's top guns collide with an angry valley

Air Force flights from the Redeye Air Force Base anger local residents in Colorado.

BLM reinstates a long pause for filmmakers

A new BLM moviemaking policy creates controversy in Moab.

A new guard in Utah

Grand County, Utah, gets a new council, after the old council is removed amidst charges of corruption.

Grazing fees sink

Grazing fees drop for the second year in a row.

Mining reform may hit paydirt in 1993

Mining reform legislation which could overturn the 1872 Mining Law is introduced in Congress.

Tale of two predators

A mountain lion and wolf study in Montana will try to determine if the two species can coexist.

The drill starts to change at Interior

Jim Baca and George Frampton are appointed as heads of the BLM and the Interior Department's fish and wildlife programs, respectively.

Birth control for wild horses

The BLM administers birth control to wild horses to limit herd sizes.

Chaco Park to be (lightly) roaded

A new access road is proposed in Chaco National Historical Park.

Opal Creek to remain wild

The Friends of Opal Creek receives a 3,000 acre land donation in the Cascade Range worth $12.6 million.

Park ecosystems are slipping away

An Interior Department audit finds that natural resources suffer as money goes to visitor-oriented programs in national parks.

Book Reviews

Big profits at big price

Wealthy corporations control, and abuse, a disproportionate amount of available forage according to a National Wildlife Federation report.

Earth art

'Ecoart! Earth Friendly Art and Craft Experiences' for 3 to 9 year olds is reviewed.

Ghost bears

'Ghost Bears' by Michael Grumbine is reviewed.

Hit the trail

The Colorado Trail Foundation needs volunteers.

Hot papers wanted

A fire conference is held in Yellowstone.

Of wolves and myth

A documentary on wolves, The Wolf: Real or Imagined?, is aired on public T.V.

Protection plan crosses boundaries

A team of scientists' plan aims to protect the Flathead River watershed.

Two badgers better than one

The Badger Chapter of the Glacier-Two Medicine Alliance, an environmental group that strives to protect the Rocky Mountain Front, will form two new groups.

Writers wanted for Park City

Writers at Work conference will be held in Park City, Utah.

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