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High Country News February 22, 1993

The continuing saga of New Mexico's Gray Ranch


The continuing saga of New Mexico's Gray Ranch

The Nature Conservancy sells the biologically diverse Gray Ranch amidst local concern.

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Boom town for sale - cheap

A nuclear power company attempts to sell a mining town after the uranium market collapses.

Yosemite the `model'

A new Yosemite concessionaire bids high to take over commercial business in the park.

Coyote kill protested

ADC shootings from helicopter threaten wolves in Montana.

Idaho nixes fish farm

A fish farm plan that would have ruined one of the last clean springs on the Snake River is blocked.

Sierra old growth spared

A Forest Service clearcut ban in California protects old growth and the spotted owl.

Survey attacks logging

A Forest Service survey reveals eight of ten residents in Montana disapprove of logging practices.

Timber company fined for political fliers

A timber company is fined for distributing political flyers along with paychecks.

BLM manager in Wyoming gets trampled

BLM veteran Darrell Short is transferred after speaking out on range conditions.

Calls for reform

Summitville mine pollution may lead to new reclamation regulations in Colorado.

West Drinks deeply of winter storms

Long droughts end in western states.

High pressure bust

An oil and gas production firm's wastewater disposal in Montana could contaminate groundwater.

Montana wolves lose their advocate

Wolf biologist, Mike Jimenez, loses his job in Ninemile Valley, Montana.

Predator control in Utah is attacked

ADC comes under fire in Utah after predators are killed illegally.

Words into chairs

Earth Partners wants to turn old newspapers into fiberboard at a Nevada plant.

Colorado is likely to get a so-so wilderness bill

A Colorado wilderness bill abandons the 1964 Wilderness Act and compromises on water rights.

Ornery grand jury

A grand jury report on the environmental crimes at the Rocky Flats nuclear bomb plant is released.

Two underground resources clash in New Mexico

Oil and gas exploration threatens a pristine cave system.

A melting pot for unrelated agencies

A brief history of the Department of Energyis outlined.

Can a collegial approach at the top transform DOE?

Newly appointed DOE head, Hazel O'Leary, charts a new course for the Department of Energy.

Drilling approved in Montana

Environmental groups will appeal a decision allowing exploratory oil drilling in the Badger - Two Medicine Wilderness Area.

Book Reviews

A new peer group

Jeff Debonis will help start PEER: Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility.

Bottles up

Coors Brewing Co. will recycle glass from its recycling center in Colorado.

Broader than Oregon

The Oregon Rivers Council changes its name to the Pacific Rivers Council.

Energy reports

The DOE seeks comments on reports that examine problems within the agency.

Fish and the Colorado River

Critical habitat areas are proposed to protect the Colorado squawfish, the humpback chub, the bonytail chub, and the razorback sucker.

Free to ski

The Backcountry Ski Alliance wants non-motorized areas designated on Colorado public lands.

Just looking = $$

An Arizona report shows wildlife brings tourist dollars.

Revisiting the frontier thesis

A conference on changing western communities will be held at California's University of Redlands.

The whole enchilada

The Colorado Environmental Coalition will map the major ecosystems of the Rockies.

Wild flicks

The 16th International Wildlife Film Festival will be held in Missoula.

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