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High Country News January 25, 1993

Can Bruce Babbitt make Interior hum?


Babbitt's domain: 1.9 billion acres

Several Interior Department agencies are profiled, including the Fish and Wildlife Service, the National Park Service, the BLM, the Bureau of Reclamation and many others.

Can Bruce Babbitt make Interior hum?

Bruce Babbitt will manage a fragmented and dysfunctional Department of the Interior.

Conspiracy destroyed a Vision for Yellowstone

A Bush administration conspiracy destroys a plan for environmental protection in Yellowstone and costs a Park Service official her job.

Babbitt wins Interior, by a hair

Babbitt wins as Secretary of the Interior by a narrow margin.

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Critics say agency is eating its young

Transfers among Forest Service employees from several Idaho national forests are political, employees say.

Colorado mining industry strikes again

According to th EPA, bonds from the Summitville Consolidated Mining Co. don't cover hazardous waste cleanup costs.

How many bears?

A Colorado Division of Wildlife study will count black bears on Black Mesa.

Storms sweep West

The National Weather Service reports that precipitation is above normal in Utah and Arizona.

Hikers are fenced out of wilderness

A housing development blocks access to Arizona's Coronado National Forest.

Washington rancher spurns subdividers

A rancher decides to preserve land by selling it to the Bureau of Land Management rather than selling out to developers.

Wyomingites shoot to kill M-44s

An Animal Damage Control plan to use M-44s to poison animals is under fire in Wyoming.

Action in Idaho

Four species of Snake River snails and a limpets are now under Endangered Species Act Protection.

FAA limits canyon flights, yet again

The FAA agrees to strictly enforce flight-free zones over the Grand Canyon.

Justice in Nevada

The Archaeological Resources Protection Act of 1979 helps nab a pot hunter.

Nuclear power gets gassed

The Washington Public Power Supply System is too expensive, says the Bonneville Power Administration.

Book Reviews

A tracker's guide

A review of "Tracking and the Art of Seeing: How to Read Animal Track and Sign', by Paul Rezendes.

Nevada's water future

Public forums discussing the seven year drought will be hosted by the Nevada Water Resources Association.

Avalanche alert

Silverton will host another avalanche training course.

Forest watchdogs in Montana

The forest-watchdog group, Gold Creek Resources Protection Association, wins its first battle in a timber fight against the Burnt Bridge Timber Sale.

Mutual aid

'Making A Change: A Student Guide to Social Change Internships in the Northern Rockies', describes internships in the west.

Queen salmon tours Northwest

A theater troupe will perform "biologically explicit' musical comedy.

Seeds of change

The book "Seeds of Change' examines massive agricultural changes arising from contact between the continents.

Western visions

Conference on environment, land use and alternative economic strategies planned in Boulder.

Wolves in Idaho

The Fish and Wildlife Service is slow to confirm wolf sightings, which could affect wolf reintroduction in Yellowstone.

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The new Secretary of the Interior - Bruce Babbitt

Introduction to : Babbitt in his own words

Interference in environmental programs by political appointees

Excerpts from the House subcommittee staff report reveal details of of Lorraine Mintzmyer's transfer and changes to Yellowstone's "Vision' document.

Babbitt in his words

Babbitt speaks out on multiple use policy, the BLM and western water policy.

Big changes are coming to Interior, Udall says

The former Secretary of the Interior, Stewart Udall, speculates on Babbitt's effect on the agency.

Senior BLMer recalls how James Watt did things

Senior BLM director, Bob Moore, gives his opinion on appointees and career people.

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