Enough already, ranchers

  Dear HCN:

Just a few thoughts on reintroduction of the Mexican wolf.

Al Schneberger of the New Mexico Cattle Growers Association is correct when he says, "This isn't about wolves. It's about control." However, I see it as ranchers doing the controlling. They control not only the public lands but every aspect of anything that people want to do on that land. It's not the bureaucrats that want the Mexican wolf back, Mr. Schneberger, it's the overwhelming majority of the people.

The USDA 1992 Agricultural Statistics Board shows the following losses of cattle and calves from all causes: respiratory, 30 percent; calving, 14 percent; digestive, 21 percent; weather, 7 percent; unknown, 16 percent; other, 10 percent; predators, 2 percent. Enough already of the old song and dance that predators put livestock growers at serious economic risk.

Carol Buchanan

Norwood, Colorado