States and tribes

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  States and tribes

Now that many tribes are aggressively asserting their sovereignty on issues ranging from water rights to Indian gambling, cooperation between tribal and state governments has become crucial. That's the conclusion of States and Tribes: Building New Traditions, a recent publication of the National Conference of State Legislators. The report outlines some major conflicts about issues such as taxation, gaming and environmental regulation and gives current examples of states and tribal governments that have successfully resolved their disputes. The 87-page report also brims with facts about Indian Country and how tribal governments operate. A copy is $25 from the National Conference on State Legislatures, 1560 Broadway, Suite 700, Denver, CO 80202 (303/830-2200).

* Rick Keister

Dec 10, 2007 12:00 PM

here in oklahoma that is a joke the state of oklahoma has been attempting to put the treaty tribes under public law 280 through illegal legislation one of these examples is the red river boundary compact this is the biggest conspiracy against the Indian Tribes in the south west the kiowa, comanche and apache tribes are fixing to be betrayed by tribal leaders who had no authority to waive these tribes soverignty with out the consent of each tribal indian counsel i have tried to get the attention of indian country about this next land run which is in the making and will have devistating impact the sad part no one listens because everyone is hooked on casinos and in reality these tribes do not have to compact it is illegal due to the treaties made with the U.S. and the State of oklahomas organic act and the enabling act they have no jurisdiction nor can the feds import the states gambling laws into are jurisdiction right now they are trying to take are ground and surface waters this is scary as hell right now i am in court against the state of oklahoma based on jurisdiction, indian country and have been in court three years and i have won all my arguments and now i am on appeal any way i thought i would write this to you and hope someone would do a story on this people need to know how corrupt the system is if you are interested you can email me at thank you I am kiowa