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High Country News December 25, 1995


Utah hearings misfire

Utah's wilderness hearings stir controversy and draw vigorous support for more wilderness designation.

Congress weighs the fate of Utah's wild lands

The battle over wilderness preservation in Utah is fought on many fronts before it comes to a vote in Congress.

Dear Friends

Dear Friends

Utah in the news, death of boatman Curtis "Whale" Hansen, intern Dustin Solberg, HCN board meeting in Colorado Springs, visitors.


Judge says counties aren't supreme

A federal court charges Nevada rancher Cliff Gardner with trespassing and orders him to remove cattle from Humboldt National Forest.

Move to repeal logging rider gathers speed

The salvage logging rider faces possible repeal in Congress.

Hobbled federal wolf program attracts friends and money

Environmental groups help raise money to reintroduce a second batch of Canadian wolves to Idaho and to Yellowstone National Park.

Changing times force agency to swim upstream

The Bonneville Power Administration faces environmental and utility critics as it struggles to survive.

BPA: Making amends for a destructive past

The Bonneville Power Administration was born in the Great Depression and now sells the power from 29 federal dams.

Environmentalists say agency uses them as scapegoats

New Mexico Hispanics argue with environmentalists over firewood-gathering restrictions on national forests.

Round two for a grazing bill

Republican Sen. Pete Domenici of New Mexico resurrects a grazing bill for Congress.

Allard takes aim

Colorado Rep. Wayne Allard inserts anti-environmental provisions into the 1995 Farm Bill.

They're stepping down

Western Republicans Mark Hatfield of Oregon and Alan Simpson of Wyoming announce their retirement from Congress.

Book Reviews

For media mavens

The Media and Democracy Congress invites journalists to San Francisco to hear discussions by 52 speakers.

Do-it-yourself preservation

Volunteers help protect the West's threatened archaeological sites from vandals and looters.

DOE's little list

A report revealed in November shows that the Department of Energy ranked reporters by how well they treated the agency.

Agency chooses death

A report by the General Accounting Office shows that killing is the most frequent method for controlling predators used by the federal government.

Bird Brains

In this book "Bird Brains: The Intelligence of Crows, Ravens, Magpies, and Jays," writer Candace Savage celebrates Corvid IQs.

Short takes

"Dynamics of Northern Idaho Forests" is set for Feb. 2-3; Santa Fe's Sierra Club Conservation Committee sponsors workshop on mining; five environmental volunteers will get a Sol Feinstone Award; poets invited to enter Utah Wilderness Poetry Competition.

Heard Around the West

Heard Around the West

Small town getting too big; four-wheel drive dangers; economic whimpers from Los Alamos; political wackiness in the NW; carting salmon around Elk Creek Dam; thrifty farmers; Navajo language wins wars; snakes in Navajo schools.

Related Stories

A 4 million acre difference

A checklist highlights the difference between the area preserved by the Utah Public Lands Act of 1995 and the Redrock Wilderness Act.

The delegation's bill gets shellacked

In a surprise move that delighted environmentalists, Utah Republican James Hansen is forced to withdraw his delegation's wilderness bill from the House debate.

To comment on the Utah Wilderness bills

Addresses of Senate and Representative offices to comment on the Utah Wilderness bills.

How to influence Congress on just dollars a day

Activist Ray Wheeler sets an intense pace as he personally lobbies in D.C. for wilderness preservation in Utah.

A monumental clash of values over Utah

The gulf between the views of wilderness preservation of the Old and New West is unbridgeable.

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