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High Country News March 07, 1994


Pay as you waste, says EPA: It's a new world for rural trash

New landfill regulations force counties to be more creative with their trash.

Washington county splits in half over proposed dump

Water is main issue in fight over Hooper, Washington, megadump.

State-by-state trash

Western states facing similar landfill crises.

Federal land managers put up no-dumping signs

Bureau of Land Management changes open-arms policy for landfills.

A guide to some trashy reading matter

Review of two books on trash - The Garbage Primer: A Handbook for Citizens and Rubbish! The Archaeology of Garbage.


Sacred places: The West's new, booming extractive industry

No place is safe from nature-loving Baby Boomers, essayist says.

Dear Friends

Dear friends

Commuting over McClure Pass, ad rates going up, Diane Sylvain art show.


Can gold mining be slowed by a boycott?

Jan and David Zimmerman lead fight to reduce consumption of gold.

Ex-logger Andrus says our forests are overcut

Politicians raise timber sale goals for political reasons, Idaho governor says.

Baca is back

Jim Baca hopes to become New Mexico governor.

Andy Kerr on the warpath

Trespassing charge is latest chapter in the Andy Kerr log-house controversy.

No home on the range

Proposed Great Buffalo Herd Monument won't be built on Wyoming Bureau of Land Management Land.

Remnant grassland survives in Oklahoma

The Nature Conservancy creates Tallgrass Prairie Preserve where Park Service failed.

Saving spotted cows

Sen. Larry Craig organizes wise-use rally in Idaho.

Orphaned cubs returned to wild

Montana program rescues black bear cubs of slain mothers.

STOP-M in Oregon

Ballot initiative would require that new mines be started only by companies with clean records.

Quake's shakes move masses

Greener Pastures Institute reports increased inquiries about moving to rural West.

Cows crowded out

Crested Butte, Colorado, rancher says development is pushing him out.

Groups are wary of aluminum companies bearing gifts

Aluminum company owner offers environmental groups money to file suits against commercial fishing.

Miners hope to become subdividers

Mid-Continent Resources wants to develop land to help pay for mine cleanup.

Will timber plan fly?

New plan for managing Northwest forests not much different than old.

Book Reviews

No change on the range

Wanderings of an Environmental Journalist In Alaska and the American West. Essays by Philip Fradkin reviewed.

Forcing the spring

Forcing the Spring by Robert Gottlieb looks at devleopment of natural and human environmental movements.

Reclaiming high places

High Altitude Revegetation workshop planned.

E-Mail for the rural West

Computer bulletin board service focuses on rural West.

From driveways to watersheds

Booklet Protecting Our Water Resources aims to reduce Truckee River pollution.

Back to the sun

The New Mexico Home Solar, A Source Book by Ingrid Kelley reviewed.

Symposium won't be dry

Rivers at the Crossroads: Law, Science, Politics and People symposium planned.

Workers need protection

Government study says nuclear cleanup workers' health and safety neglected.

Wet and wild symposium

Water, Wet & Wild: Flowing into the 21st Century symposium planned.

Roxborough friends fight for park

Colorado's Roxborough state park threatened by development.

New plans for Yellowstone

Management plan for Yellowstone National Park released.

Fast food at fault

Waste from french fry production pollutes wells with nitrates, report says.

A natural vacation

Unused fire lookouts in forests open to vacationers.

For green writers

Charting the Environmental Journalism Frontier conference planned.

Missile chaos

Missile test flights to White Sands, N.M., could have significant land-use impacts, draft EIS shows.

Green scientists get-together

The 1994 Public Interest Science Conference planned.

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