Environmental Activism 101

The University of Montana will train activists as well as scholars during a new 16-week joint venture with the federally funded Green Corps. Called the Environmental Organizing Semester, it will teach 26 college juniors and seniors from around the country how to run petition drives, investigate environmental abuses, write press releases and, of course, fund raise. The field work will be done in teams, because "group work is the most overlooked civic skill," says director C.B. Pearson. Environmmental leaders such as Greenpeace's Barbara Dudley and Doug Phelps of the Public Interest Research Group will describe how they run their campaigns. Pearson finds the curriculum "touches a nerve with the more idealistic students everywhere, not just those drawn to Missoula, Mont." The Environmental Organizing Semester begins January 1996 with applications due Nov. 17. For more information, contact C.B. Pearson, at Rankin Hall, University of Montana, Missoula, MT 59812 (406/243-6185).