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High Country News April 14, 2014


Mind over mountain

A partly paralyzed athlete pushes his limits, as adaptive recreation booms in the West.


Adventure travel vs. conservation

A conversation with outdoor entrepreneur Bill Bryan.

Native American tourism quietly thrives

Can tourists benefit, not just exploit, tribal communities?

Touring Indian Country via footrace

How to run in a reservation race that's both sport and cultural tradition.

Best place to see a crowd of grizzlies

A few tourists get close to amazing numbers of bears catching salmon at Alaska's McNeil River Falls.

International Car Forest of the Last Church

For a strange trip, check out Nevada’s otherworldly Stonehenge of wildly painted abandoned vehicles.

How to travel the West on $5,000 per day

Our pick of high-end tourism accessories includes a $600K RV and an 87-tool Swiss Army knife.

Travel horror stories of the American West

HCN readers remember when things went terribly wrong.

Editor's Note

Savoring the horror stories

HCN readers get a kick out of their difficult travels in the West.

Dear Friends

A brave and unusual conservationist turns 90

Happy birthday to HCN’s founder, Tom Bell.

Book Reviews

49 trout streams of southern Colorado

A review of the guidebook 49 trout streams of southern Colorado


How to save your town from the interstate

Arts tourism revives a reservation border town.

Backpacking with monster skeeters

An Alaska encounter with the fiercest of the 176 mosquito species that roam the U.S.

Houseboaters vs. river runners

Two writers debate the cultural differences of fast-water paddlers and still-water luxury boaters.

Visiting the frosties of the Lost Sierra

The wonders of the classic roadside stands that still dish out soft-serve ice cream.

A Japanese fly-fishing art comes to life

Centuries-old tenkara is becoming a hit on streams in the American West.

Heard Around the West

Strange little museums and zoos enliven the region

Mishaps and mayhem from around the West.

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