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High Country News April 29, 2013


Seeking balance in Oregon's timber country

Can logging towns and old-growth forests both thrive in the Northwest?


Hispanic leaders spearheaded the Río Grande del Norte National Monument

In New Mexico, the open and inclusive campaign for a 240,000-acre monument sidestepped the usual controversy drummed up by such designations.

Trappers catch a lot more than wolves

Mountain lions, eagles, bobcats, geese and domestic pets have all been accidentally caught -- and killed -- by wolf trappers.

A new collaboration has Idaho ranchers and the BLM fighting fire together

Conflicts began after the BLM banned ranchers from fighting fire on public land. But a surprising solution has emerged.

The Forest Service battles placer mining with an obscure law

A little-known 1955 law gives the Forest Service a way to shut down placer mining claims along some Western rivers.

The latest: Mixed messages about nuclear power safety

Ex-nuclear regulatory commission chief says no U.S. nuclear plants are safe, while California's San Onofre plant plans to restart

The latest: A cautious cave re-opening

After closing all Western caves to protect bats from deadly white-nose syndrome, the Forest Service re-opens certain caves

Editor's Note

Historic Northwest Forest Plan needs a careful overhaul

The Northwest Forest Plan, no 20 years old, faces pressures new and old, with no easy fix in sight.

Dear Friends

Spread the word and get an exclusive HCN poster

"Friends" campaign offers the new Colorado River Basin poster; Craig Childs wins Orion Book Award; John Dougherty produces "Cyanide Beach" documentary on mine pollution.

Book Reviews

Necessary evil: a review of Boom, Bust, Boom

A book review of Bill Carter's Boom, Bust, Boom: A Story about copper, the metal that runs the world

Parched lives in a parched land: A review of the Ordinary Truth

Jana Richman's novel of a Nevada family divided by conflict over water

A review of Passage to Wonderland

A history professor re-treads photographer Joseph Stimson's 1903 journey from Cody, Wyo., to Yellowstone.


Seeking Ben Kennedy: a quest to find a mysterious Montana philanthropist

The writer goes in search of a mysterious Montana philanthropist


The gray area: a conversation with artist Renee Couture

An Oregon artist reinterprets the region's timber wars.

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