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Gimpy's lessons

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I found Ana Maria Spagna's essay, "The story of Gimpy" touching and thought-provoking (HCN, 9/2/13). Beyond evoking the compelling image of the black bear left incapable of foraging by a gunshot wound, Spagna addresses human compassion toward animals, concluding, "We're all connected and we owe our fellow creatures something."

It is essential that HCN continue to publish well-researched articles on the destructive impacts of human activities such as our incursion on wildlife habitat and the consequent explosion in species extinction, pollution of the atmosphere and oceans, impacts of oil-gas extraction and transport, overgrazing, and conversion of grasslands and forests to agriculture and residential development. We are all to varying degrees complicit. An appropriate concluding question might be: What can be done to overcome the human hubris that places individual comfort and opportunism above all else?

Doyle McClure
Longmont, Colorado

Linda VanFossan
Linda VanFossan Subscriber
Nov 02, 2013 09:48 AM
My thoughts exactly, Doyle. Well said! I live in an area of the west that has seen starving bears coming into neighborhoods searching for food only to be shot. It would take so little money and effort to provide food up in their part of the mountain(s) and would save so many! Our pleas fall on deaf ears------

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