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High Country News October 14, 2013


A new Apache homeland in New Mexico?

An Okie Apache fights his kin to build a casino and bring his people home.


Lessons from the flooded Front Range

The September floods give us a chance to learn how to better cope with inevitable natural disasters.

The mysterious reappearance of the white-bottomed bee

A Western species that crashed in the 1990s may be making a comeback in Washington and Colorado.

New Mexico’s groundwater protections may take a hit

Under Gov. Susana Martinez, the state is rolling back some of its strongest environmental protections.

The Latest: In Oregon, a record number of spawning salmon

For the first time since 1938, 1 million salmon passed Bonneville Dam to spawn.

The Latest: A House bill would double timber harvest

Proposed legislation would increase logging in national forests and curb environmental review.

The fungus among us

Over the past decade, the West has seen an increase in some rare but scary illnesses.

Kids will be kids

Photographer Rebecca Drobis looks for universal images of youth on the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana.

Editor's Note

Tribal casinos don’t like competition

The Fort Sill Apache want to build a casino in New Mexico, but established gaming tribes oppose their efforts.

Dear Friends

Help HCN complete its online archives!

We’re scanning in all of the pre-1994 issues for our website; visitors came to call; correction.

Book Reviews

A review of Painters and the American West, Vol. 2

Joan Carpenter Troccoli writes about the lives and times of the artists whose works fill the American Museum of Western Art in downtown Denver.

Is this heaven? No, it’s Idaho

A book review of Godforsaken Idaho by Shawn Vestal

The world of the speed artist

A book review of The Flamethrowers by Rachel Kushner


Dispatch from Twiggley Island: an essay

Neighbors band together to survive after the Colorado floods.

Heard Around the West

Hikers face assorted hazards, bull elk get revenge on hunters, and more

Mishaps and mayhem from around the West.

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