Ruth Kirk

Ruth Kirk


Author of 34 books covering the natural and human history of the West

Los Angeles, California

On why she writes guidebooks
"I take very seriously helping people understand (what they're looking at). I think if we understand the rhythms and realities of this stage that we dance our lives on, it's a happier dance."

On writing as a form of preservation
"You read, and you go, and you look, and you think, and you feel. We really need to feel these places -- wild places and parks -- or how are we going to care about them?"

Editing advice
"Draw a hot bath and lift one knee out of the water and place your manuscript there, backed by a piece of cardboard; make your edits. Shift to the next knee and continue. The hot water will wake you up, and you get some work done. Then you go back to your desk and write some more."