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Craig Childs narrates a Canyonlands adventure

Images from a month-long trip with friends in 1999.
Video - September 16, 2013 by Craig Childs
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Richard Boyden
Richard Boyden
Sep 18, 2013 11:00 AM
Do you ever see Ed Abbey back in there? Or his ghost? He wrote about these areas a lot in his books. I got a standing order of his books from the Back o' beyond bookstore in Moab and read them all, and learned a lot about him, but after awhile I felt like I was reading about myself. Towards the end, he gets really gruesome in his misery, a mirror of what I was going through for a long time--longer than I thought possible. Getting into the back country is great if you can afford it. But you have to come out and earn a living so you can go back in again. I lived in Arizona mostly during the '90's and after reading your "secret knowledge of water" I knew what you were talking about because I was living there. I camped at the Quartzsite LTVA several winters and would go to Flag in the summer.
Hal Partenheimer
Hal Partenheimer Subscriber
Sep 30, 2013 07:50 AM
Child's book 'The Secret Knowledge of Water' remains one of the best, most captivating books I've read with the exception perhaps of Abbey's 'Desert Solitaire'. While 'Solitaire' addressed a broader number of issues of Abbey's day, Child's experience in the back country of Arizona is a singular focus of the austere beauty of the region and the commitment required to survive its extremes. His 'Soul of Nowhere' is excellent too.
Rodger Schmitt
Rodger Schmitt Subscriber
Oct 07, 2013 01:55 PM
I spent a career working in the outdoors trying to touch people with the knowledge, understanding, & respect that Craig oozes out to us in his writings.

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