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Remember us (the American people)?

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Rep. Rob Bishop's initiative to discuss the future of American public land in Utah may be a route toward resolution of many contentious issues ("Red Rock Resolution?" HCN, 7/22/13).  He has invited many stakeholders to participate. Funny, all of them live in Utah.

We thought these lands belonged to all Americans, not just people in Utah. But Rep. Bishop didn't invite us or our granddaughters, Margaret and Simone, to participate, though our ownership shares of these lands are equal to and just as valid as his.  Are we not "stakeholders" as well?

So it is repulsive to read Grand County Commissioner Lynn Jackson's comment that environmental groups are just "small minority groups with access to power." In fact, SUWA and the Sierra Club represent us, our granddaughters and hundreds of millions of other Americans who are co-owners of these lands and want their beauty preserved. We Americans, the ones that Rep. Bishop and Commissioner Jackson do not want to hear from, are going to speak out through environmental organizations, and through our members of Congress. We will be heard!

Charles and Nancy Bagley
Seattle, Washington

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