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High Country News August 19, 2013


Dinosaur Wars

Startling, one-of-a-kind fossils are unearthed in Montana – and shunned by scientists.


The environmental lawsuit sue-and-settle spin cycle

Are settlements between environmentalists and the federal agencies they sue sweetheart deals?

New study questions how Greater Yellowstone bears are counted

Uncertainty over the health of grizzly population arises as officials consider removing it from the Endangered Species list.

Severe drought forces a moment of truth for the Klamath

Irrigation shutoffs in the river's upper basin may finally help move a historic water deal on the Oregon-California border.

The Latest: Fish & Wildlife to shoot thousands of barred owls

The purge, meant to help threatened spotted owls, could begin this fall.

Gnawing away at invasives

Eating our way out of an invasive species invasion.

Editor's Note

Writing down the bones

The story behind this issue's cover feature, about a startling dinosaur discovery in Montana and ensuing scientific controversy.

Dear Friends

Fishermen, writers and cyclists come to call

Summer is the busy, busy season for HCN visitors.

Uncommon Westerners

Diné activist protests wastewater-to-snow scheme

Fighting for the environment is just part of this Navajo's cultural identity.

Book Reviews

Tools 'R' Us

A review of Dirt Work: An Education in the Woods by Christine Byl

Mourning before departure

A review of The Days Are Gods by Liz Stephens

A review of Landscape Dreams, A New Mexico portrait

A review of photographer Craig Varjabedian's photography book Landscape Dreams, A New Mexico portrait.


The right-wing heiress who changed course in the desert

Looking back on Bazy Tankersley: publisher, rancher and conservationist

Heard Around the West

River tubing mishaps and more

Heard Around the West for August 19, 2013: river rafting mishaps, retraining drug sniffer dogs, and more.


A California Hotshot photographs his life fighting wildfires

Get a rare peek into what it's really like on the job.

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