Let them play ... Somewhere else


As a cyclist, hiker and returnee to Colorado after a 30-year absence, I was surprised at the level of mayhem that piston-head vehicles have inflicted on the Front Range ("Western kids have fun -- and die -- motoring off-road," HCN, 6/24/13). It's a disappointment. Rather than sacrifice a beautiful state like Colorado, maybe we should promote open-pit mines as the "ultimate riding experience" for these thrill-seekers. Let's dedicate played-out mines to a 24-7 experience like no other.

John Stephens
Littleton, Colorado

Doug Pineo
Doug Pineo Subscriber
Jul 24, 2013 08:55 AM
Truly an excellent idea. Every county has played-out gravel pits and other "sacrifice" areas where those whose passion is to ride motocross bikes and ATVs (as opposed to using ATVs for ranching and farming work) can ride, grab big air and generally raise hell without ruining wildlands for everyone else.