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High Country News June 24, 2013


California farm communities suffer tainted drinking water

In California's agricultural hub, the Central Valley, Latino communities fight for clean water.


The ATV culture includes loose regulations -- and kids' funerals

Western kids have fun -- and die -- motoring off-road, thanks to loose ATV regulations, a libertarian spirit and fun-loving parents.

Crossing the border gets deadlier

Fewer people are trying to cross the Southwest border, but a higher percentage are dying

Sequestration sinks stream gauges

Budget cuts force the U.S. Geological Survey to idle gauges across the country.

The Rocky Mountain Front blues

A journalist reflects on energy development on his home turf.

Helium rising in the West

The region has become an important source of the technologically vital gas.

The Latest: A gold tax in the Silver State?

Voters will decide if Nevada should finally increase the taxes mining companies pay

The Latest: A New Mexico county is first in the nation to ban fracking

Mora County joins a national trend in local control over oil and gas development

Editor's Note

People are very much a part of HCN's environmental coverage

Latino farmworker communities in California's Central Valley suffer from polluted drinking water -- and High Country News can't ignore it.

Dear Friends

Time is running out to get the poster!

Colorado River poster available; skipped issue in early June; clarification

Book Reviews

Acting the part

A gay Mexican actor conceals his identity in Alex Espinoza's 'The Five Acts of Diego León'.

Investigating an epic war of populations

In "The Searchers," Glenn Frankel examines the myth of the kidnapping of Cynthia Ann Parker by Comanche Indians.

Book review: A Natural History of the Santa Catalinas, Arizona

A review of A Natural History of the Santa Catalinas, Arizona, by Richard C. Brusca and Wendy Moore


Becoming pronghorn: an essay

Remembering wildlife biologist James Yoakum, who loved to study pronghorn

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