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High Country News June 10, 2013


Conservation goals in Jackson Hole collide with a need for worker housing

In Wyoming's top resort town, the desire to protect the environment and the community's character kills big affordable housing projects.


Wildfire's silver lining

Even the costliest blazes can boost local economies.

Latino radio stations connect immigrant communities

Latino music stations -- even commercial ones -- increasingly resemble public service organizations.

Is the Violence Against Women Act a chance for tribes to reinforce their sovereignty?

A new provision lets tribes prosecute non-tribal members for violent crimes like rape for the first time.

Arctic ship logs help scientists reconstruct climatic history

Sailors' journals detailing the weather of voyages past could improve the accuracy of climate models' projections of the future.

The latest: Channel Island foxes rebound

A massive restoration effort has helped the tiny fox recover.

The latest: A worrying amphibian decline

A new study finds frogs and toads are disappearing faster than previously thought.

Wyoming digs its 10 billionth ton of coal

The industry hopes Wyoming's coal bonanza lasts another 100 years. But mining's peaks and valleys have never been entirely in its control.

Editor's Note

The affordable housing quandary

In many Western communities, the more careful you are with land-use planning and wildlife conservation, the less you're doing for worker housing.

Dear Friends

More awards for HCN

HCN wins Utne award for environmental coverage, and three awards from the Society of Professional Journalists.

Book Reviews

Holt's last days

"Benediction" is Kent Haruf's latest novel about the beauty and hardship of life in the fictional eastern Colorado town of Holt

Don't ask her to hike

In "Spectacle," a collection of short stories, Susan Steinberg explores power and gender in relationships

Book review: Close to Home: Photographs

Montana photographer Richard Buswell turns to abstracts and still lifes in his most recent work capturing scenes from his home state.


Oval Intention: an essay

The original geodesic tent lives on.

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