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High Country News January 21, 2013


Oil boom spurs a rush on extractive education programs

As production from unconventional reserves ramps up, students are flooding into university and technical programs supporting oil and gas development.

Oil and gas companies pour money into research universities

In the midst of the nation’s current oil and gas frenzy and controversies over fracking, energy company contributions to schools are raising questions about academic integrity.

How Outward Bound lost, and found, itself

The original outdoor education school came close to falling apart after consolidating into a single national school. Now, its newly separate branches are thriving and redefining themselves.

A field program teaches undergrads to think differently about public lands

Whitman College's Semester in the West and similar programs strive to make students think about resource issues critically and compassionately, and often change their lives in the process.


Art finds a place alongside science at New Mexico research station

The nation's network of Long Term Ecological Research Stations are increasingly embracing art and writing in hopes of broadening their impact and public reach.

Miguel Luna gives young Los Angelenos a beaker and a job

Agua University trains young people in Los Angeles County to work as water samplers, employing them and also teaching about the importance of clean water.

Round River pushes kids out of their comfort zones and into the field

Dennis Sizemore, who heads the outdoor education program, discusses its founding and philosophy with HCN.

Great Old Broads for Wilderness laugh and learn

The pro-wilderness group teaches elders how to engage in public lands management, while having a great time.

Editor's Note

Education includes people, naturally

Today, many educational organizations and institutions offer incredible learning opportunities -- both in the field and the classroom -- for students and non-students to chow down on the West’s meaty issues.

Dear Friends

A big thank-you to our supporters

We appreciate your support; moves and contributing editors.

Book Reviews

A review of Utah's Wasatch Range: Four Season Refuge

Nature photographer Howie Garber captures mountain light and color, making a powerful visual argument against more development in Salt Lake City’s high-elevation backyard


The Power Lung Kid

A writing teacher discovers that the real difference he makes for disadvantaged kids is through listening and other simple acts.

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