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High Country News May 14, 2012


L.A. activists try to stop woodlands from becoming sediment dumps

When Camron Stone realized that an oak forest was about to be bulldozed by the Los Angeles County Flood Control District, he started fighting back.


Western legislatures grab for control of public lands

Some Western states are rekindling the Sagebrush Rebellion and demanding ownership of federal lands -- but it's not just about local control.

Retirees join environmentalists in fighting Arizona copper mine

The conservative, golf-playing retirees of Queen Valley, Ariz., are determined to stop a giant copper mine.

Recycling diesel emissions for farm fertilizer?

Canadian farmer Gary Lewis, fed up with the failures of synthetic fertilizer, has invented a system called Bio-Agtive Emissions Technology, a tractor add-on that recycles diesel emissions into fertilizer.

Bark beetle kill leads to more severe fires, right? Well, maybe

The connection between bark beetle outbreaks and Western forest fires is more complicated than it might appear.

Editor's Note

The delights of urban wilderness

The sometimes-scruffy remnants of woodland that edge our urban neighborhoods have psychological as well as ecological value.

Dear Friends

HCNers go to journalism conferences

HCN online editor Stephanie Paige Ogburn and managing editor Jodi Peterson attend digital media workshops; Danielle Venton gets public radio job; Denver Nicks writes a book; visitors; correction.

Book Reviews

The least -- and most -- American of places: A review of Rez Life

In Rez Life, novelist David Treuer takes a nonfiction look at his own life as an Ojibwe Indian on the reservation.

Matters of life and death: A review of Contents May Have Shifted

In Contents May Have Shifted, Pam Houston writes about a writer’s journeys, both physical and emotional


Kayaking memories on the White Salmon River

Will all of a kayaker's memories of Washington's White Salmon River change once the river changes, now that Condit Dam is gone?


Dear HCN: Reader survey responses

A sampling of what you had to say

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