Limbaugh of the Left?


I read HCN religiously and hold it out to my right-wing friends as a source that can be trusted to present a Western perspective. But this lead story was flabbergasting (HCN, 2/20/12, "Extreme Arizona"). I felt like I was listening to a left-wing version of Rush Limbaugh.

As a third-generation native Arizonan who lives two miles from the Safeway where Gabby Giffords was shot, and whose children go to school with the brother of Christina Taylor Green, the youngest victim in the shooting, I am doubly offended. If Arizona's culture produced Jared Loughner, it produced just as many like me, who are passionate about nature and wildlife, and possess more guns than Loughner did but would never dream of turning them on the likes of Giffords and Taylor Green.

Arizona is full of wacky right-wing politicians -- I'll give you that. And Arizona's history is one of exploitation by industry, whether it is cattle, copper, or development. But Loughner is mentally ill. His personal situation included the Arizona culture he lived in, but it can't be blamed for who Loughner is and what he did. HCN should be ashamed to have run this story. You disrespect all who died from Loughner's bullets.

John Windes
Tucson, Arizona

Susan Gentleman
Susan Gentleman Subscriber
Mar 24, 2012 08:08 PM
Given that the rest of the nation can match the record of Loughner, you need not feel that you are targeted. many of us (I live on the eastern seaboard) have similar examples of extreme violence. Look at the Trayvon Martin murder just for an example. There are violent people everywhere, and to deny that fact is to deny reality. I think most people recognize this fact, but the problem is that Arizona, as Florida (and Virginia) has lately come in for extra coverage due to a few inappropriate measures that have been passed. You have my sympathy, as have my friends in Florida, Virginia (and any number of other states).