Enough (political stories) already


I was disappointed with what appears to be a new political stance on the part of HCN ("Red State Rising," HCN, 10/29/12). First came an article devoted to electoral politics in Montana and Denny Rehberg. Now comes the most recent edition on the politics of Utah. While I recognize the essential nature of politics as it relates to the overall welfare of the community, as a whole, I am not convinced that electoral politics accomplishes the task. To the contrary, it is divisive rather than unifying. Much more of this and it will be adios to HCN.

Dick Ludewig
Cody, Wyoming

Joann Phillips
Joann Phillips Subscriber
Nov 16, 2012 07:51 PM
Very well stated and i agree wholeheartedly. I have read fewer articles in the past weeks than i usually do. I recently renewed my subscription with some concern. It may be the last time.