Gutted protections, gutless politicians


I am weary of politicians who "gut" the rules and regulations intended to protect human health and the environment (HCN, 7/23/12, "(Not so) quiet canyon"). They all seem to play the jobs/economy card, when in fact the deterioration of the environment leads to situations that cost the taxpayers money and citizens their health (and therefore money). Even noise can negatively impact human health and the environment. If you don't believe that, at least be concerned that campaign contributors can cause senators and others to flip-flop!

Joan Bartz
Kennewick, Washington

John Taylor
John Taylor Subscriber
Aug 06, 2012 05:45 PM
Surely there must be quieter aircraft that should be phased in to drop the noise level. Why wasn't this considered.? Too bad other options were not proposed. I fail to see why daily flights are necessary, and having a couple "no fly" days would make sense. I'm sure a lot of visitors wonder why there are so many flights and how lazy Americans are that they can't view the Canyon from the edge like most of us, or hike in. If its that damn important, let 'em hang glide the canyon, quietly....