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Hook-and-bullet journalism

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The scientific bankruptcy of hook-and-bullet journalism by "outdoor" writers was on display in Craig Medred's essay, "How my thoughts on wolves have changed" (HCN, 2/21/11). In his defense of the lethal manipulation of wolf populations, Medred uses the word "artificial" only once: to describe an "artificially high" wolf population resulting from "recent high salmon runs." Unless Alaskan salmon are now farmed instead of wild, the high runs and their resulting impact on predators are "natural" processes.

Wildlife management through harvesting was once said to be essential to prevent winter starvation. Then it became the only viable tool to repair a disrupted balance of nature. In reality, it's about wildlife as livestock and a source of entertainment. Consideration of its future should begin with that honest admission.

John Walker
Coaldale, Colorado

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