Predator control's unsustainable roots


Tracy Ross' story was a good first look at the politics of predator control (HCN, 2/21/2011). One thing this article missed, however, is the fact that politics also drives the overexploitation of moose and caribou by the hunting industry. Game managers are under intense pressure to allow unsustainable harvests. Add to the mix a for-profit hunting industry with an international client base, and you have an insatiable appetite for Alaskan game. Current predator control programs can be traced back to overhunting that preceded the so-called "need" to kill wolves and bears.

Wade Willis
Anchorage, Alaska

cat koehn
cat koehn
Mar 08, 2011 05:40 PM
There are three similar recent articles that pertain, about Wolves, Bear and Cougars. These precious Ecosystem 'Indicator Species' are all emperiled by the present Status Quo, in which 'Game' Dept - (very applicable term - since I think all this profit-motivated BLOODSHED is viewed by the killers as some sort of 'Game' alright!) When we will stop killing the planet and her wonderful creatures? Existing 'Game' managers are just IN IT FOR THE MONEY; and out here in Oregon I just had to go testify to the state legislature yesterday to beg them NOT to re-instate HOUNDING HUNTING WITH PACKS OF TRAINED DOGS! The Elephants are CRAZED with POWER!

I think the state's with 'Game' Depts, should just CUT OFF ALL THEIR MONEY UNTIL THEY STOP KILLING OFF All of our native fish & wildlife for MONEY! -MadCat in Oregon!