Domestic violence on the rez


Radmilla Cody and Geraldine Laughter discuss domestic violence and the challenges for enforcement and victim support services on the Navajo Nation. Last year, President Obama signed the Tribal Law and Order Act, which could help improve enforcement and support for domestic violence victims on reservations around the country.

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An Unusual Miss Navajo
Mitchelene Big Man
Mitchelene Big Man
Mar 22, 2011 10:17 AM
This story was sent to me from a friend. I found the story very emotional, I married outside my tribe to a man that was bi-racial, whom I met in the military. so my children have the characteristics and features of their fathers black side, so I endured a lot of ridicule and was disowned by own father. As it was living off the reservation and being Native, the white schools I attended I faced racism constantly. But to have it come from my own it was heartbreaking, but I wouldn't hide or give up. My children are very successful, not involved in drugs or unhealthy living. My son is attending CSUP and is a member of one of the semi pro football teams in Colorado, my daughter is an honor roll student and involved in high school sports and made it to Nationals for the DECA program. One thing I taught my kids, do not act out prejudices, but give a person a benefit of a doubt. Don't judge off of skin color or race. They too endured their experience of racism, but I am truly proud of them, because they overcame it.