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High Country News March 07, 2011

High Tension


Montana transmission lines draw opposition from all sides

Republicans battle Republicans, environmentalists battle environmentalists, over power lines for wind and solar energy.

An Unusual Miss Navajo

Radmilla Cody, who made history as the first biracial Miss Navajo and later served time in prison, now uses her singing to fight racism and domestic violence.


New national forest rule lacks rigor

Environmentalists like the tone of the Forest Service's new draft planning rule, but worry about how - and if - it will be enforced on the ground.

Forestry + genetics = a blister rust solution?

Genetic sequencing may hold the key to stopping blister rust, a disease that's ravaging Western whitebark pines.

Oregon sculptor turns beach trash into meaningful art

Angela Haseltine Pozzi makes thought-provoking art from the trash that washes up on Oregon's beaches.

Mount St. Helens: A world apart?

Washington's Mount St. Helens is protected as a living volcanic-recovery laboratory, but a completely "natural" environment has never been possible.

Crowdsourcing helps tackle environmental injustice in California's Imperial Valley

The Imperial Visions Action Network is an interactive website that involves locals in reporting - and helping solve - environmental problems.

Dear Friends

Grant received, grant given

High Country News Contributing Editor Matt Jenkins gets grant; Betsy Marston helps obtain grant for Delta County schools; Ana Maria Spagna's new book about community; clarifications.

Book Reviews

Regaining identity through restoration

Charles Wilkinson's new book, The People Are Dancing Again: The History of the Siletz Tribe of Western Oregon describes how a tribe "terminated" by the federal government fought to regain its identity.

Thirteen ways of looking at a mushroom cloud

Ann Ronald's Friendly Fallout 1953 is an experiment in literary fission that describes 11 actual nuclear detonations through the eyes of mostly fictional characters.

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