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High Country News February 21, 2011

Palin, politics, and predator control


Palin, politics, and Alaska predator control

Alaska's politicians and scientists wrestle over how to manage big game and the predators that prey on it.

How my thoughts on wolves have changed

An Alaskan who loves wolves has come to believe that aggressive predator control is often necessary.


Western wildlife commissions on the chopping block

In Washington and New Mexico, state wildlife commissions could become a thing of the past.

Arizona's Fossil Creek gets restored -- and loved to death

Arizona's Fossil Creek, dramatically brought back to life, is now endangered by the hordes of people who love it.

In Navajoland, a contentious water deal divides the tribe

The Navajos are on the brink of getting water they've long been entitled to, but not everybody on the reservation is pleased.

Unpacking health hazards in fracking's chemical cocktail

A look at the ingredients used in hydraulic fracturing fluid in Wyoming.

Editor's Note

Alaska ho!

High Country News ventures into the rocky terrain of Alaska's wildlife politics.

Dear Friends

Cy-board meeting

High Country News board meets via Web and phone; Gretchen Aston-Puckettt to leave HCN; new website, new cleaners, new job for Ariana Brocious; map clarification

Uncommon Westerners

Jeff Rice collects nature's noises

Jeff Rice records the natural sounds of the West.

Writers on the Range

Poisonous language on both sides of the fence

It's time we took responsibility for the hateful rhetoric now commonplace on both sides of every issue.

Book Reviews

Collateral damage

T.C. Boyle's new novel, When the Killing's Done, examines the awkward way humans interact with nature and with one another.


Craig Childs walks with desert ghosts on the Navajo Nation

The author tries to walk like a ghost through a wild and haunted landscape.

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