Polluted air, coming soon to Glacier National Park


Glacier National Park is next in line for hazy, polluted air (HCN, 11/14/11, "Out of the haze"). Oil and gas development along Glacier's eastern border with the Blackfeet Reservation is increasing drastically. Nearly all of the Blackfeet land is leased to oil and gas companies. Park officials and Superintendent Chas Cartwright are concerned with potential degradation to the viewshed if oil and gas drilling were to occur around the boundary area.

This issue is intensifying. Not only will oil and gas development degrade air quality, it could have negative impacts on grizzly bears that roam out of the park onto the Rocky Mountain Front. The Crown of the Continent is no place for oil and gas development. Adequate land management and planning on the Rocky Mountain Front and the Blackfeet Reservation, especially along the national park boundary, is necessary in order to mitigate potential impacts to wildlife, and air and water quality.

Lowell Chandler
Missoula, Montana

Andrea Metz
Andrea Metz Subscriber
Dec 13, 2011 08:43 AM
We are loosing the genetic backbone of many wildlife species. Isolating them in small groups cuts them off from their ability to breed with other groups which migrate over large distances. This genetic 'sharing' creates strength in a species. Once cut off, over time, the animal's genetics will weaken and die out. What we do to the earth and her community of wildlife, we do to ourselves. We are all one. Let's take care not to harm her in any way.