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High Country News February 07, 2011

Obama and the West


Obama's record on Western environmental issues

Not everybody is happy, but the Obama administration is making slow but steady progress in dealing with the West's environmental issues.


Western court scraps intervention restrictions for enviro lawsuits

The 9th Circuit Court tosses its "federal defendant" rule, giving interested parties a clearer path for intervening in environmental lawsuits.

A Nez Perce elder spreads love for lamprey

Nez Perce elder Elmer Crow teaches children and their parents to respect an uncharismatic parasitic fish, the lamprey.

The latest: Biomass emissions

The EPA will not regulate greenhouse gas emissions from biomass facilities for the next three years.

Rural California schoolkids learn from fire-damaged forest

A rural California school builds an innovative curriculum around a nearby forest and the fire that burned it down in 2007.

The latest: NPS' Teresa Chambers

U.S. Park Police Chief Teresa Chamber returns to her job after being fired for whistleblowing.

Fast Times at California's Petroleum High

A day in the life of the U.S.'s first high school academy devoted to oil production.

County kickbacks

Western rural county governments often rely heavily on federal funding.

Editor's Note

Presidential style

Obama's nonconfrontational approach to life underlies his slow-but-steady approach to Western environmental issues.

Dear Friends

Welcome, new interns

High Country News welcomes new interns, Nathan Rice and Sierra Crane-Murdoch; visitors, self-reported; corrections.

Writers on the Range

Religious leaders shouldn't duck their responsibility

Western religious leaders need to speak out more strongly on the dangers of climate change.

Book Reviews

Glimpses of the high desert

The essays in Ellen Waterston's Where the Crooked River Rises pay homage to her home in the high desert of eastern Oregon.

Reasons to persevere

In his novel, Blind Your Ponies, Stanley Gordon West looks into the heart of a fictional small town in Montana.


Plenty of wood in the pile

Nothing says "security" like kind neighbors and a nice big woodpile for the winter.

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