September 18, 1995


The West's fisheries spin out of control
The story of whirling disease in Western trout is a story of human "improvement on nature" gone wrong.

Dear Friends

Dear friends
HCN anniversary in Lander, Rick and Heather Knight present award to HCN, new interns Heather Abel and Warren Cornwall.


Out of a Hispanic valley: kosher beef
Colorado ranchers Demetrio and Olive Valdez want to begin selling local cattle as kosher beef.
The USDA flexes its antitrust muscle
The Department of Agriculture investigates one of the nation's largest meatpackers, IBP Inc., for antitrust violations.
Economist discovers what a free river is worth
Economist John Loomis puts a price tag on the value of tearing down two Elwha River dams and restoring the salmon runs on the river.
Protecting the coho
The National Marine Fisheries Service proposes to list the coho as a threatened species in Oregon and California.
Landslide kills fish, raises questions
A thunderstorm washes out streams and kills fish in Idaho's Boise and Crooked rivers.
DIA hears from some critics
At an air summit meeting in Grand Junction, Colo., representatives at Denver International Airport hear a litany of complaints from Western Slope regional airport managers.
Company slips through president's noose
Crown Butte mining company officials hastily file 38 claims on national forest lands adjacent to Yellowstone Park a day before President Clinton's moratorium on such claims goes into effect.
Another judge says no
Undaunted by a third federal court ruling against the University of Arizona's plan to build its large telescope on Mount Graham, Arizona Rep. Jim Kolbe drafts legislation to let the construction proceed.
Williams almost gets his wilderness
Montana Rep. Pat Williams wins a temporary moratorium on logging, mining and oil and gas leasing on 1.7 million acres of roadless area in Montana.
Powerlines prove fatal
Three male grizzlies are electrocuted by a downed power line in Yellowstone's Hayden Valley.
Can sheep and coyote ever coexist?
Predator Friendly, an unusual alliance of sheep ranchers, environmentalists and entrepreneurs, markets wool grown by ranchers who don't kill coyotes.
Parks may get control of their air
A bill introduced in Congress would give the Park Service more power to regulate overflights.
Judge cracks down on Idaho - again
A lawsuit claims the Forest Service has been lax in obeying a judge's order to remove outfitter structures from Idaho's Frank Church/River of No Return Wilderness.

Book Reviews

Restoring a watershed
The Sierra Club's map of the Spokane-Coeur d'Alene watershed draws attention to the area's pollution and offers advice.
Inside the glitter
Photojournalist Kit Miller explores the lives of Nevada's casino workers in photos and interviews in an exhibit called Inside the Glitter.
Start with belief
"Caring for Creation" by Max Oelschlaeger, suggests using religious belief to fight ecocatastrophe.
Report blasts land giveaways
The Natural Resources Defense Council's report "Selling Our Heritage" blasts congressional plans to give away public lands.
Tools for road-rippers
Keith Hammer's "A Road-ripper's Guide to the National Forests" offers advice on how to legally close and restore forest roads.
Greater Yellowstone Predators: Ecology and Conservation in a Changing Landscape
Greater Yellowstone Predators: Ecology and Conservation in a Changing Landscape will be held at Yellowstone, Wyo.
Writing the Lives of Southwestern Flora and Fauna
Writing the Lives of Southwestern Flora and Fauna will be held in Arizona.
Sheep Country
A new magazine called "Sheep Country" is intended for sheep growers in all 50 states.
Challenging Federal Ownership and Management: Public Lands and Public Benefits
Challenging Federal Ownership and Management: Public Lands and Public Benefits will be held Oct. 11-13 at Boulder, Colo.
10th Annual Wild Rockies Rendezvous
10th Annual Wild Rockies Rendezvous, Sept. 29-0ct.1, will be sponsored by the Alliance for the Wild Rockies.

Heard Around the West

Heard around the West
Cows poisoned; antler poaching; brucellosis logo in Yellowstone; overheated black-footed ferrets die; beef fudge recipe; prison near Norwood, Colo., school; salvage logging protest; "drive-through' Ph.D.; Harry Merlo's successor; recreation bulldozing.