Start spreading the news


For environmentalists eager to get their message across but not sure where to start, a couple of grassroots communication guides have hit the bookstores. Getting the Word Out in the Fight to Save the Earth, by Richard Beamish, tells how to publicize and promote an environmental cause. Beamish, who has plenty of experience with both large organizations and small community groups, provides examples of newsletters, press releases, brochures, and other promotional materials from across the country. An entire chapter explains how to sustain an effort through fund raising. The book is for "nonprofit groups already out there in the trenches and for those who are preparing themselves - in the communities, board rooms, churches, schools, colleges, and universities across this land - for this most crucial struggle of our time." Jason Salzman's new book, Let the World Know: Make Your Cause News, focuses on attention-getting gimmicks to attract media coverage and offers practical tips for working with journalists. Among the characteristics of a newsworthy event, writes Salzman, are novelty, simplicity, shock and humor.

Getting the Word Out in the Fight to Save the Earth. Johns Hopkins University Press, 2715 North Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21218-4319. 181 pages, 1995. $24.95, paperback.

Let the World Know: Make Your Cause News. Rocky Mountain Media Watch, Box 18858, Denver, CO 80218. 74 pages, 1995. $10, paperback.

* Diane Kelly