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High Country News May 10, 2010

The Secret Lives of River Guides


The Secret Lives of River Guides

Every spring, Grand Canyon boatmen meet for an educational seminar -- and a rousing good time.

One Way to Save the Wolf? Hunt It.

Montana wildlife managers say the state's first wolf hunt has been a success -- for both the hunters and their prey.


Small wonders, big world

A couple of hitherto-unknown bees are discovered in Nevada -- just two of the many new species found every year.

Goodbye, Rocky Mountain News; hello, Mrs. Li

Former Rocky Mountain News employees meet to lament -- and celebrate -- how their lives have changed since Colorado's oldest newspaper folded a year ago.

It takes a district: Utah landowners control groundwater use

In southern Utah's Escalante Valley, local landowners will form a water district to save their declining aquifer.

Urban habitat

The ups and downs of an Audubon nature center in the middle of low-income urban L.A.


A California condor chick hatches in Pinnacles National Monument, the first one born there in a century.

Editor's Note

Culture of the Canyon

When the author ventures down the Colorado on a raft, he discovers a world of wonders -- and a little bit of himself.

Dear Friends

Changing of the editorial guard

After Editor in Chief Jonathan Thompson leaves, High Country News will be led by Jodi Peterson, Ray Ring and Sarah Gilman; former intern Michael Moss wins a Pulitzer.

Book Reviews

A California Bestiary: Beauty of the beasts

A California Bestiary celebrates the state's wildlife with vivid illustrations by Mona Caron and thoughtful words by Rebecca Solnit.

Ghosts of Wyoming: A haunted past and present

The haunting short stories in Alyson Hagy's collection resonate with themes of loss, resignation and hope.


Little doses of danger

A formerly fearless outdoorswoman becomes unexpectedly wary once she becomes the mother of two children.


Grand Canyon River Guides

An illustrated timeline follows the development of professional Grand Canyon river rafting.

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