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High Country News April 12, 2010

The Butterfly Sting


March Madness in Indian Country

Basketball provides a bright spot in reservation life.

The Butterfly Sting

How a federal wildlife agent brought down one of the world's most notorious insect thieves.


Death of an era

High Country News remembers Stewart Udall, the legendary Interior secretary.

More grousing

The federal government says sage grouse deserve protection, but delays listing the birds under the Endangered Species Act.

The marten chronicles

Biologists trying to photograph wolverines see martens as a nuisance, but martens are actually pretty cool creatures themselves.

Eligible mustangs

In an effort to adopt out more wild horses, the Bureau of Land Management starts posting ads online.

Pioneer stock

A Franciscan manzanita, long believed extinct in the wild, is discovered near San Francisco, in the path of a highway expansion.

Our dirty past, our dirty present

Soon after the EPA was founded 40 years ago, it began photographing American environmental problems for its Documerica Project.

Horses running wild

Statistics reveal the cost and complexity of wild horse management in the West.

Editor's Note


As the economy has globalized, illegal trafficking of wildlife has gotten worse in the West.

Dear Friends

Spring visitors

Spring visitors, HCN wins praise and awards; new books by Anders Halverson and Mark Matthews; corrections.

Book Reviews

Saving the U.S. Forest Service

Timothy Egan's new book, The Big Burn: Teddy Roosevelt and the Fire that Saved America, credits early firefighters for saving the Forest Service.

A once and future abundance

In The Living Shore, food writer Rowan Jacobsen’s interest in the vanishing Olympia oyster leads him to a consuming fascination with threatened coastal ecosystems.


Out of the cubicle, into the canyon

After he gets laid off from his job, a writer seeks consolation hiking in the Sierra Nevada.


A poacher's menagerie

Some of the more dramatic recent arrests involving wildlife trafficking in the Western U.S. are briefly described.

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