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High Country News February 15, 2010

Prodigal Dogs


Prodigal Dogs

Evidence suggests that wolves may have returned to Colorado, and they are here to stay.


Cross(border) winds

Facing tough opposition in the Southern California desert, companies look to build renewable energy plants in Mexico.

Editor's Note

The paradoxical call of the wild

Wolves may be returning to Colorado on their own 70 years after their deliberate extirpation from the state.

Dear Friends

Visitors, after hours

Visitors, after hours; moving to Missoula; remembering Mac Wells; corrections.

Uncommon Westerners

Skeletons in the closet

When the media reported that Everett Ruess' bones had been discovered, solving a 70-year-old mystery, Utah State Archaeologist Kevin Jones had his doubts.

Writers on the Range

A nature lover's bucket list

Time is running out to see the natural wonders that are endangered by rampant global warming.

Learning to live landlocked

After years spent on the coast of Alaska, it feels strange but wonderful to live in the very different world of dry inland Oregon.

Book Reviews

The limits of memory

Jeannette Walls' "true-life novel," Half Broke Horses, is hampered by the author's memories of her grandmother, the main character.

A dark and disjointed journey

The short stories in Sam Shepard's new collection, Day out of Days, have an unhinged, distinctly Western flavor.


The squeal of silence

Time spent alone in a cabin in the wild reminds a writer that silence is more than the absence of noise.


One long haul

Huge trains have begun hauling uranium tailings from a site near Moab, Utah, to a repository 30 miles away in Crescent Junction.

Two Weeks in the West

Supreme beings

The Supreme Court's precedent-overturning ruling allowing more corporate money in politics raises the possibility that it plans to tackle the Commerce Clause next.

How it Works

The other Big One

What would happen if a killer storm like the one that walloped the West in 1862 hit California today?

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